Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Choosing the Good Ones

The Year of Firsts has come and gone.

I am feeling rather ambivalent about it, actually. I certainly managed to get through everything just fine. I never really dreaded doing anything or getting through any of the "important dates" on the calendar. As I said in the last post I made, I've gotten through with as much grace as I could muster. :)

So, the question now is - what next? What do I want from my life, now that this section of it is over?

It's a terribly interesting feeling - being able to take my life in any direction I want. As someone I know has put it, I have the chance to write my own story - any story I want for myself.

I know some of the things I am putting in the story: lots of travel, financial stability and plenty, health, family and friends a plenty.

And, a partner to share it all with.

It sounds like a wonderful story to me. I think I shall enjoy writing it.

"Thoughts become things...choose the good ones"
-Mike Dooley

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