Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A few days ago the Stb-ex and I went over the paperwork for the divorce. We're filing ourselves, without the aid of a lawyer.

The verbage is funny. In several places I, the respondant, "pray" for things to happen at the courts pleasure. Reading those I remembered how much I loved the language of the law and why I wanted to get a law degree many many years ago. I love these words and how precise they are.

How very precisely they list the reasons for the "dissolution of marriage". How cleanly they cut the assets and debts to each of us. How exact it is in labeling me the "respondant" and him the "petitioner", putting us on opposite sides of this happening.

We both giggled at the phrases and then teared up. As many have said, even a smooth ending is still and ending and we are each grieving in our own fashion for a partnership we both wished to have for the rest of our lives when we started it.

We hugged tightly for a while and kissed each other on the cheek and tried to be okay with everything we were going over.

I told him that no matter what I would always love him. And that's true. I might get angry or be a bit snarky, but I do love this man. We had so much fun together, how could I not?

I'm just rambling now...so, that's it for today folks!

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