Monday, March 16, 2009

Remember this post, wherein I worried that he would dick around with filing the paperwork?

Yeah. Apparently I am psychic. Because we finished the goddamn paperwork in JANUARY folks and he STILL hasn't filed it.

Every single week it is excuse after excuse. Well, really only one excuse: I was working. And it is a true excuse. He does work many, many hours a week and he is out of town more often than not. He does not get home in time to be at the Circuit Clerk's office while it is open. Despite all his plans to do this for over 8 weeks, it still hasn't occurred - even when he is home. He can't take breaks, he can't take a lunch, he just works. Work work work work work!

Finally, week before last I asked him for the papers so I could take them over myself. I was told that, funnily enough, HE was the ONLY person that could file them. He'd called. It was strange but *le sigh* what can one do about the strangeness of the law. One simply must follow it. Good news was that he was home on Wed and Thurs and he had alllllll morning open on Thursday to do this. He could do it. It would be done!!!



I have spent 13 years of my life with this person. I have spent nearly every day of that time with him. We were only apart for a few weeks - maybe four months TOTAL - out of those 13 years. This tends to give you insight into someone's behaviour and mannerisms.

Couple this with a really good bullshit meter anyhow.

Yeah. Um. Notsomuch. I watched him take the tone, the stance, the "forthright earnestness", the constant eye contact, and the projection of the force of his personality that he uses every time he is bullshitting someone so he doesn't have to deal with them. I've watched him do this HUNDREDS of times. Convince someone what he is saying is the gospel truth when it's far from it. Not completely lies, but just what the person wants to hear.

I didn't fall for it. I got pissed that he thought he could do that to me. To me! Really? I fucking KNOW he's a sociopath. Dude. I'm forewarned. It ain't gonna work anymore. I let it work for a long time. I'm done now.

So, I called the Circuit Clerk the next day. (Which is the part I was positive he did not do because, again, I know him.) Yeah, anyone could file this paperwork. Strangers off the street could bring it in as long as they could pay the fees.

I told him so. He was not amused. I was again assured that he called - THREE TIMES! - and got the opposite info. I just told him to file it that day or I would do it if he could not. I was assured it would be done.

Nope. Work, donchaknow.

I have been assured that today, TODAY is the golden day! The red letter day with the circle around it that it will be filed. By his girlfriend. (I think they finally did actually call and find out she could.)

I'm not holding my breath.

I am, however, girding my loins to go over and take the papers from him and file them tomorrow at 8am. Its not going to be a pretty sight or a happy conversation. But he's forgotten many things about me over the years where I have not forgotten things about him.

He's about to remember.


Aerin-sol said...

I'm confused. Can't he just drop them in the mail? Or have his lawyer (if he has one) drop them off for him? Or is it not that simple?

Anonymous said...

I know this is not easy on you. I hope that he was good to his word this time and you do not have to have that conversation.

- 9