Monday, April 6, 2009

Bring it! *squee!*

I am three days away from leaving on a vacation. To a city I've never been to. To meet a person I've only talked to on the phone. To go to what basically amounts to a sex convention. Hee!

I am very excited, I must say. (Points to those who recognize the SNL reference!).

Mr. C (as I will refer to him here) is the boyfriend of a dear friend. I met her first and then, by proxy, him. And when he professed a want to explore some of his fantasies in real time, she (darling girl that she is) pointed him towards me and said "Go forth and explore - but don't be fuckin' around on Miss B, she's the real deal so you better bring it!"

Yes, my lovely friend has told the man whom I will belong to for the better part of five days to "Bring It." Have I mentioned that Mr. C is not a small man? With large hands? And a newly found penchant for belts?

My ass and my lovely friend are gonna have a talk when this is all over about the choosing of words and how they specifically relate to its overall health.

Despite such injucntions, I am really looking forward to the weekend. Mr. C and I click well on many levels and so the time spent together will be fun even when we are not otherwise occupied with "Bringing It."

I am also really looking forward to getting the heck outta town for a few days. It's been too long since I've been on a vacay and I need one. A new place to explore and new things to look at. Aside from the "con", we have a bit of time to do some exploring on our own. I am looking forward to that very very much.

So, if I seem a bit "a-squee" here this week, that would be why.

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Leeduck said...

I hear parsley is good for bruises :-) Have fun!