Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whooda thunkit?

(Ugh. I'm just off with my posting days this week. I'll be back to MWF next week for sure as I won't be returning home to just run out the door again in three days. *sigh*)

As I was expecting, the "Sub Drop" hit yesterday. I was alternately grouchy and weepy. I was completely out of sorts. I felt really kind of ragged around the edges and scrambled at the center. Luckily, I know these symptoms and do my best to ignore them. And when I can't ignore them I just try to get through them. Its just that I don't always manage to "get through" them well.

I'm afraid that I snapped at my Mom on the phone. And I may have said a few choice words at the computer at work. Also, I think I cried a bit in my car while sitting outside the bookstore - where I was heading for some retail therapy. Plus, I ate ice cream - a single serving of Haagen Daas, but still, not diet friendly. Then, I do believe I became panicked that my older cat would die while I was not at home, and freaked out about that for a while. Finally, I obsessively knit for several hours to clear my mind of anything except the "pass through and grab" of the knit stitch.

No, last night was not pretty. But I didn't wallow. I wasn't blindsided by how I was feeling and I was able to (at LAST!) clear my head before I went to bed and fretted myself to death all night instead of sleeping.

For me, Sub-Drop is inevitable. The adrenaline dump combined with the emotional dump just screws me up. This is the first time I've had to deal with it on my own...with no S.O. there to help out. (Chalking THAT one up for the year of "firsts"!) I did just fine, which makes me happy.

I guess I am going to be okay after all. No matter what. Huh. Who knew?


Leeduck said...

next time skip the retail therapy and the ice cream and go straight to the knitting?

Miss B said...

Does it help that the retail therapy was for a knitting book I had ordered a few weeks ago? LOL!

Anonymous said...

You two and knitting :)
- 9